KIARA specializes in manufacturing of a wide range products made out of toughened glass used in construction sector.

  • We make, among others, glass doors, partitions, hower enclosurers, glass walls, shelves, mirrors, balustrades, stairs and many more.
  • We also make glass elements for furniture such as: furniture fronts, shelves, wall-linings substituting tiles, etc.
  • Finally, we consult our customers about most favourable solutions concerning interior designs as well as more complex projects destined for hotels, restaurants, clubs, swimming-pools, saunas.
  • We also deal in dispatching firm's ready made products like shower enclosures, door wings, glass fill-ins for kitchens, etc.

Our offer is addressed to architects, interior designers as well as constructing firms and individual clients. 

We invite all interested in our offer to KIARA

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